What we do

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group of volunteers who are patients of SCGP working in collaboration with GPs and surgery staff to:

  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of local healthcare services
  • Foster improved communication between the practice and patients
  • Provide practical support to implement change at a practice level
  • Respond to developments in local NHS provision

How we work

We hold regular meetings with representatives of SCGP where concerns and ideas are discussed so that improvements can be put in place to improve patient health and experience.

Currently we are pleased to have the attendance of Dr Morag Dugas and the Group Business Manager (Sharon Slee). When social distancing measures are in force these meetings are held “virtually” using Zoom.

How to join us

We are always pleased to have new members who can spend an hour or 2 every few weeks to contribute to the group. We are especially needing members from all surgeries although we are well represented at Ley Hill currently. To join, use our PPG Registration form.

Patient Issues and Responses

I can’t get through on the telephone lines.

SCGP are aware of the waiting time on the telephone lines. They have recruited new staff but there are also alternative ways to have your request dealt with. If you have a prescription request, you can register for online services.

Alternatively, you can also drop your prescription request into the post box that is situated on the outside of the practice building.

When can I have my flu jab?

The practice is initially contacting patients who are at risk, if you have a mobile number you should receive a text message asking you to phone the dedicated flu telephone line to make an appointment. All of the flu jabs appointments in 2020 will be taking place at Ley Hill surgery, please ensure that you wear a face mask and arrive at your allotted time.

Can I see a doctor?

The way we are dealing with appointments has had to change. Appointments will initially be a telephone appointment with the doctor as this will allow face to face slots to be kept free for those most at need. If the doctor feels it is necessary, they can arrange a video consultation or face to face appointment and you may be asked to attend a surgery you do not normally use.

If you wish to provide any feedback to the surgery or need to make a complaint, please contact the site manager.