Meet the Team

Ley Hill

Dr Anne Beaumont (f)

Dr Vinit Kundra (m)

Dr Rahul Dubb (m)

Dr Michael Tringham (m)

Dr Irene Edwards (f)

Dr Zoe Yeo (f)

Dr Lucas James (m)

Dr Rosalind Goodgame (f)

Dr Imogen Jenkins (f)

Dr Gurdeep Seyan (m)

Pamela Findley (f)

Rebecca Lisseman (f)

Sarah Shiels (f)

Claire McAvoy (f)

Rosemarie O’Connor (f)

Elizabeth Goodman (f)

Elaine Walsh (f)

Four Oaks

Dr Roger Gent (m)

Dr Jean Claude Desveaux (m)

Dr Roshani Pawar (f)

Dr Chris Howland (m)

Dr Rachel Bovington (f)

Dr Rebecca Salmen (f)

Dr Charlotte Yates (f)

Dr Sarah James (f)

Dr Joanna Boyden (f)

Dr Nathan Mountford (m)


Dr Soo Fon Lim (m)

Dr Joanna Wright (f)

Dr Haider Ibrahim (m)

Dr Gayatri Dhawan (f)

Dr Sada Ismail (f)

Dr Rajan Bhambra (m)


Dr Peter Ingham (m)

Dr Morag Dugas (f)

Dr Shiwani Prasad (f)

Dr Murali Muniyapa (m)

Dr Muhammed Dar (m)

Dr Ruth Gibbins (f)

Sutton Park

Dr Isabelle Mantella (f)

Dr Daniel O’Halloran (m)

Dr Andrew Deekes (m)

Dr Irene Afreh-Mensah (f)

Dr Zaynab Hussein (f)

Dr Andeel Hussein (m)


Dr Samuel Finnikin (m)

Dr Jenny Liu (f)

Nursing Team

Annie McLaughlin
Lead Nurse

Katherine Coutts

Ellisha Westley

Michele Coloby

Janet Millard

Jill Shearer

Marie Storer

Cheryl Williams-Smith

Cassie Putman

Emma Harris

Laura Harrison

Jane Sadler

Lauren Allcott

Rachel Gilbert

Elaine Glover

HCA and Phlebotomist Team

Aimee Palmer

Sarah Boden

Suzanne McKernan

Gemma Taylor

Leah Holden

Aimee Davis

Jo Byrne

Julia Wardell

Maria Gilby

Tracy Arrowsmith

Quote / Testimonial:

Our clinical team are further supported by First Contact Practitioners who are qualified physiotherapists, our pharmacy team and Care co-ordinators working in specialised roles supporting patients receiving cancer treatment, end of life care and coordinating our safeguarding responses.

Administrative Team

Our clinical team are supported by over 100 administrative team members carrying out roles within our contact centre, reception, secretarial, HR, Finance and management team.

Training Practice

We are a training practice and will have a rotation of trainee doctors working with us at all times.